Summer Nights

Being back in Texas often makes me realize just how much I miss being home sometimes. And I mean home in every sense of the word. The home that I grew up in and shelter my parents provided. The family I run to that I call home. My home city. My home state. Really, there is something that just doesn’t compare to how I feel in the good ol’ Lone Star State. If you’ve watched the television masterpiece Friday Night Lights (and if you haven’t, you should probably be pretty upset with yourself), there is a saying from the show that I often recite to my friends: “Texas forever.” Continue reading


The First Cut is the Deepest

People always say that getting started is the hardest part. Well,  people have never been so astute. And as for figuring out what to write about for my first post, I have found it to be a task so gargantuan that this blog has sat around for the past week collect digital dust. Ideas come and ideas go, some I deemed okay but most I threw away as bad. However, not one ever made it to the point where I would sit down and write about it. But eventually I had to start somewhere, right?

Continue reading