This is the space where one is supposed to say a little about themselves, who they are, what they like, the introduction to stalking them. So, I’m Chris Buoy. I currently live in California for school, but I am a tried and true Texan at heart. I’m a little serious, sarcastic, supercilious, shy, saccharine, sharp, and slow all wrapped up into one.


The origin of this blog was to document my travels and work abroad in Cambodia with a NGO in the area. However, upon consideration, I have taken to actually making this a full fledged blog about me. So you will see Cambodia and Christopher displayed here for you. I don’t take myself too seriously, so you will probably see me cracking jokes and all in all having a good time with this blog. It isn’t going to be some dark and broody diary for everyone to see. You will, however, get to see/read what I am thinking and doing in an unfiltered way. Some of it may be internalizing and some of it may be down right silly.


I come from a big Cambodian family (like, gargantuan). I love all things elephant. And corgi. I spend way too much time on YouTube. I am pretty into fashion. I adore my music divas (Britney, Nicki, Bey, Celine, Xtina, Gaga, Whitney, Mariah…the list goes on). But my music taste is varied (country sings to my heart but I’ve been known to rap speed of light verses). Titanic is the ultimate love story and my all time favorite movie. I love Grey’s Anatomy. I drink too much sweet tea. And coke. I play too much Dota2. I have really bad vision. And big feet. I sometimes wish I was born a Vanderbilt. Or a Kennedy. But I am pretty happy with Buoy. I’m just so multi-faceted I can’t stop writing obviously.


I’ll tell it like it is, and I never hold back the truth. It’s both an endearing quality and one my friends say I could work on. But here is your chance to see it up close and personal. I hope you are ready.



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