And They’re Off

The day is finally upon us. Cambodia here I come. (Well more like here I am) It started as an early morning, leaving for the airport around 1am to catch our 6am flight (because of this, I apologize for my appearance in any upcoming photos). We got there and the airport wasn’t even open yet, so we sat around on the floor with a surprising amount of people. Who knew that the airport was the place to lay on the cold floor and wallow in not being able to sleep for fear of missing your flight. I didn’t, that’s for sure.

We had to take lookout shifts while the other slept. That’s teamwork y’all.

All that work and we made it to San Francisco. A grand flight time of 55 minutes. This is the part of travelling that no one talks about, obviously. Brenna and I sat around SFO for another 3 hours in the President’s Club (thanks Nina), where business suits reign supreme and we were probably the most under-dressed people there. We mostly came for the free food honestly because we are rolling on a budget here. Brenna soon fell asleep again while I kicked my feet up and drank lots of (free) coffee.

Let’s talk about our leg to Korea. First off, airlines are probably the most hierarchical structure out there. There is a Premier line and an economy line, but they don’t really board together so what is the point? Read: There is none. Then there is a First Class jetway and an economy jetway so that the two don’t interact. Us peasants in the back are obviously not good enough to be seen. I get it, I get it, they fly more/pay more so they get more. And I am not one to say I don’t like my luxuries. I would be amiss to try and deny it and that I come for a background of great privilege which allow for them. But it just seems like a lot of effort to create a divide with really no reason other than a divide for divides’ sake. It’s an airplane guys.

Anyway, I’ll step off my soap box and talk about our flight. No personal TV, but that was ok because I honestly slept 75% of the time. Not comfortably. I ate/drank when I was awake. So overall, it was just like being home minus the comfort. Oh, Brenna and I also played some Monopoly Deal. She won the first time because she didn’t explain the rules well enough. But no biggie, I went to crush her in the next ten rounds. Obviously my one loss was a fluke.

Then came the challenge of navigating the Seoul Airport. In truth, it wasn’t that hard, it was just massive for no reason. Long stretches of hallway with nothing but bathrooms with me carrying heavy bags. Fun. And there is nothing but designer bag and cosmetic shopping. How do these shops even bring in any revenue? BUT THEY HAVE PLACES TO LAY DOWN IN THE AIRPORT. And for this reason and this reason alone, Incheon is the best airport.

We then got on our plane to Cambodia, where I was determined to stay awake in order to adjust my body. There is just something about airplanes that knocks me right out and I really can’t control it. Oh well.

The real update is, I made it to Cambodia!


One thought on “And They’re Off

  1. So cute. Glad you made it ok and were able to use the club passes. Seriously no mimosas?
    So the question remains what did you the rest of the weekend?! how much does it cost to use the internet at an internet cafe? How are your accommodations? Any trouble with getting in at the airport? Have you been speaking Cambodian? Your readers want to know!

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